Pros and Cons of the Tate

- Andria
Very nice apartments, feels very modern and luxurious. The amenities are great, however residents can book the clubroom for private events for an entire night, making it unavailable to the rest of the complex; this can be both a positive and a negative.
Very pet friendly, though a monthly fee is required on top of the pet deposit. Nice pool, while I haven't gotten the chance to use it yet as it is still cold outside, it is very soothing as a view from my balcony, though it does not have a hot tub which was a little disappointing. The leasing office puts on events every month which provide a great opportunity to meet neighbors and socialize. Trash pick-up is convenient, though not always timely, and will not take loads larger than one or two medium-sized trash bags, (this can be frustrating when you have many large boxes to dispose of after moving in, with nowhere to put them as there is no dumpster.) Some of the agents in he leasing office are very helpful and always willing to help, while others seem unwilling to do so.

All in all, I am happy with the apartment, though it is not without its flaws; I must concede though, that it is still very new, so these problems may be fixed with time.